Efia Odo details why she shunned #FixTheCountry protest; says her life was threatened

Efia Odo has finally detailed why she withdrew from the #FixTheCountry protest a few months ago.

Efia Odo released

Before her shocking announcement of a break from the campaign, the Ghanaian actress was one of the popular faces who amplified the protest with her voice and platform. According to Efia Odo, she had to stop because she was threatened with acid to disfigure her face.

The actress who was speaking on Peace FM fingered sympathizers of the current NPP government as suspects behind the threat.

I started to get death threats because I was speaking about the sitting government. They said they would throw acid on my face if I come to the demonstration," She said,


She continue that "I don’t know who it is, but I was getting the calls. Even members of the FixTheCountry group convenors were getting calls. They even played it on air. My Facebook got hacked. I no longer have my Facebook fan page.”

Asked if she reported the threats to Ghana Police, she replied “report to the police? No, I’m sorry. I didn’t. I don’t trust anything and anybody in this country. If I reported, I didn’t know what will happen. And because of that, I didn’t stay home for almost two months".

According to Efia Odo, her mother also called her one dawn and was weeping on the phone to beg her to withdraw from the protest. “Apart from the attacks I was getting, what really made me stop was my mom called me Ghana time 5 am. She called me crying".

"She said she knows I mean well, but this thing I am doing is a dangerous game. So I should stop. People in America were asking if she doesn’t love her child? So my mom literally cried on the phone for one hour, begging me not to do this anymore.


“God knows I love my mom. Everything I do is for my mom. So she is the reason why I really stopped. So the death threats, I didn’t really care about them. I would have gone. I didn’t care about those death threats and acid threats. It was my mom that made me change my mind about the whole fix the country thing," she said.

According to Efia Odo, her decision to join the protest is not politically motivated. “If I was who I am 3 or 4years ago, I would have said fix the country when Mahama was in term. I don’t care who is the president. I don’t care if the next four years NDC comes, I will say fix the country. But not really. They might try and come and say they gonna kill me or some s**t. Fix the country means, fix the country,” she concluded.


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