People want to dance; E.L speaks on decline in Ghanaian rap music

Some music enthusiasts in Ghana are expressing concerns about what they perceive as the gradual decline of the rap genre in the country.

Rapper EL

Some music critics and stakeholders have noted that apart from a few Ghanaian rappers dominating the mainstream, many are shifting towards singing or blending singing with rap.

Award-winning Ghanaian rapper, EL, whilst sharing his thoughts on this concern, attributes the trend to the short attention span of many music consumers in Ghana.

During an interview with Hitz FM on April 24, 2024, the BAR rapper explained that listeners prefer music with catchy beats and simple lyrics over intricate wordplay.


"In today's music landscape, attention spans are very short. People want to have fun and enjoy music without delving into deep lyrical content," he remarked. "This preference for catchy tunes is evident not only in Ghana but also in other West African countries like Nigeria," he added.

EL contrasted the situation in Ghana with that of South Africa, which boasts a thriving rap culture. He noted that in South Africa, the music industry has embraced rap and built a substantial market around it.

"While rap enjoys significant popularity in South Africa, it hasn't gained the same traction in Ghana. We do have a rap community here, but it's relatively small compared to other genres," EL elaborated. "Although there's an audience for authentic hip hop music in Ghana, it's not mainstream enough to have a significant impact on the music scene."

While the rap culture exists in Ghana, EL believes it lacks the widespread acceptance and support needed to thrive in the Ghanaian music market.


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