Ghanaian actress, Luckie Gyan Lawson is on cover of the Giovanna Magazine.

Knowing everything about your favourite celebrity is like a dream come true for every fan across the world. It makes one feel closer to his/her favourite star and help build great relationships.

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In an interview with the lifestyle magazine, the Ewe born Luckie Lawson listed 5 things the world never knew about her.

1. The talented actress tied the knots in 2009 to Michael Gyan and they are blessed with two children. She described her husband as crazy, cool and sexy.

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"Am blessed with a beautiful family that I think all the credits should go to. My mom has been the pillar of life for me and I wish I am half the woman as she is. My husband for making me strong and my kids for giving me back life.  God has been good to me".

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2. She used to sell on the streets.

“Where I came from, as a child has been my greatest source of motivation. I shared a living room with 7 other kids with no bed and sometimes no food. Whatever fruit was in season I sold, then at night I would sell kelewele and fried yam. I remember this like it was yesterday”.

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3. The mother-of-two revealed that she used to enjoy Marvin Gaye and Kojo Antwi songs in her youthful days when she was single.

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4. Luckie Lawson revealed that she always gives her tithe to the poor and needy.

"My tithe goes to the needy not the church" ."The most important thing in this world that we all NEED and have to give is LOVE and it is not for sale, it’s free and beautiful." That's what helped us out of the situation we were in”.

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5. Luckie revealed cooking makes her happy.

“Laughing and happiness keeps the mind, body and soul young. I LOOOVVVEEE cooking, it makes me happy. I try to eat well... it is hard when you have over 30 different amazing African food in front of you 7 days a week lol. I should start a cooking book and show lol”.t