Ghanaian viral sensation Osanju reveals he has leukemia, cancer of the blood

Ghanaian internet sensation, Osanju, has bravely opened up about his battle with leukemia, cancer of the blood.

Ghanaian viral sensation Osanju reveals he has leukemia, cancer of the blood

In a heartfelt and candid self-recorded video uploaded to TikTok, he shared that he has been fighting this challenging disease for several years and is still undergoing treatment.

With a large following on the platform, Osanju has been known for his entertaining and engaging content. However, in the recent video, he took a more serious tone, sharing the hardships he was facing due to the disease.

In the video, he spoke about the difficulties he has faced due to his health condition. He revealed that his medical expenses have been overwhelming, leading him to sell all of his possessions to cover the costs of his ongoing treatment.

Osanju explained how his financial struggles have impacted his life. Despite facing these adversities, he expressed his gratitude for the support he has received from kind-hearted individuals who are willing to assist those battling this disease.

The video has garnered significant attention from internet users, who have responded with an outpouring of encouragement and well-wishes for Osanju's health and well-being. Many have offered words of support and rallied around him during this challenging time.

Osanju also took his time to go educate some students about the dangers and causes of this type of cancer.


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