The “Efia Wura” series actress had only one word when Yvonne Nelson took her to the cleaners after Gloria contributed to the ongoing debate about lack of support and hatred in the Ghana film industry.

Three days ago, Yvonne Nelson went hard on fellow actors in the industry over what she claims to be ‘hatred and jealousy’ against her in the industry.

Kobi Rana fired back, claiming that Yvonne Nelson has ‘never supported or posted anybody’s film in her entire life’.

Reacting to Kobi’s comment, Gloria said the producer cum singer’s comment has been the perception about Yvonne but thinks things have changed now, and further applauded her for coming out boldly to speak.

“Well, I understand where Kobi is coming from, cos truthfully, that was the impression almost every one of us had about Yvonne honestly, but I guess things have changed now, maybe our sister has realized it's not a good thing and she's calling for a change in that direction(which is also not a bad thing), so way forward, let's just learn from that, and change the narrative together. My 2 cents. Forward ever,” Gloria wrote on Instagram.

But Yvonne reacted to Gloria’s comment by calling her a hater in a heated Twitter rant.

Gloria, however, rebutted with just one word “strange” on Instagram today.