Harry Styles stalker sentenced to prison for sending him 8,000 cards in a month

This come after she pleaded guilty to charges of stalking that caused "serious alarm or distress."

Harry Styles

The incident was confirmed by court officials at Harrow Crown Court, where Carvalho pleaded guilty to charges of stalking that caused "serious alarm or distress."

In addition to her imprisonment, Carvalho has been issued a 10-year restraining order barring her from attending any event featuring Styles or contacting him. This measure extends to preventing her from entering certain parts of north-west London and requires her to pay a victim surcharge of £134.

The court detailed that Carvalho, who has been in the UK since December, operated from a backpacker hostel in south-west London. Her fixation with Styles led her to send handwritten letters and purchase online cards that were delivered directly to his residence. Notably, some of these correspondences were wedding cards, with two letters being hand-delivered.


This case highlights the recurring issue of celebrity stalking, recalling a past incident involving Styles in 2019 when he was harassed by Pablo Tarazaga-Orero, a homeless man. Styles has expressed the psychological impact such incidents have had on him, prompting him to enhance his home security and personal safety measures.

This news emphasises the severity with which the UK courts handle stalking and harassment, aiming to protect individuals' privacy and well-being.

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