I couldn't secure some features - Shatta Wale reveals why he cancelled 'G.O.G' album

Shatta Wale has finally opened up on the reasons behind the cancellation of his 'Gift of God' album.

Shatta Wale

According to Shatta on a Twitter Space with fans, the 'Gift of God' album was leaked on digital stores by a Ghanaian individual after being kept for three years.

He also revealed that he was also having difficulty getting international artists like Beyoncé and others which made him choose to cancel the project and focus on another.

“I couldn’t get some of the features for instance…I was trying my possible best and up till now and to that course and that is why I’m saying when White people come and exploit that’s what the table looks like”


“When Beyoncé wanted to feature me, I swear to God I didn’t want to continue that process again….You know why? Because a Ghanaian that followed that thing was coordinating for that thing went all wrongly…… Bey and her team actually wanted me to fly from Ghana with the crew. So like the way I travel with 16 people, 12 people but our Ghanaians with their pressure forced me now I want to feature Beyoncé, now I’m getting problems, now the same Ghanaian person can’t even get me that feature and that was the things that got me pissed with the whole album" Shatta Wale said.

Shatta Wale also explained how some of the tracks from the unreleased album were leaked, saying that a Ghanaian representative connected him with the Nigerians for the album project.

“And then I got some distributors to also get me like a deal in Nigeria and everything was going on properly but before I realized a paper that was supposed to give me to sign so that they can give me an amount of money to shoot my videos which was spoken to TG Omori to shoot my videos…

I don’t know what happened but I gave them a list to just test them on how they can keep my songs and that wasn’t the list that I wanted them just to see what will happen but they just leaked those ones which means, the person that connected me to those Nigerians and stuff……


That person is in Ghana and as I’m talking to you now, his house papers I have them. Me I don’t play like that and I told him that I don’t want to go to court” — He concluded

The ‘Gift Of God’ album was to be released on Friday, June 17, 2022, but that never happened.


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