If my lookalike emerges, I'll get people to beat some sense into him - Oseikrom Sikanii

Ghanaian musician, Oseikrom Sikanii, has issued a strong warning to anyone attempting to impersonate him and joke with his brand.

Oseikrom Sikanii

In a recent interview with Aba Guy Guy on Original TV, the artist expressed his zero tolerance for lookalikes seeking to associate themselves with his unique persona.

Oseikrom Sikanii emphasized that his brand is not to be taken lightly, as he possesses distinct qualities that make it difficult for others to imitate him convincingly. While acknowledging the existence of a lookalike, he asserted that this individual, aware of who Oseikrom Sikanii truly is, would never dare to proclaim himself as the artist's impersonator on social media.

"These lookalikes target the brands of certain musicians, but when it comes to my brand, they should know better than to play with it," Oseikrom Sikanii stated. "They engage with individuals who allow such behavior. Who says I don't have a lookalike? I do, but he knows better than to joke around and publicly declare himself as my lookalike. If he does, I will gather people to beat him up."


Beyond addressing the lookalike issue, Oseikrom Sikanii made it clear that he is well-versed in the law and boasts a team of lawyers. He warned that any unauthorized performance of his songs at events would result in legal action, irrespective of the financial implications for the organizers involved.

"I may have a humorous side, but my legal team is extremely vigilant," Oseikrom Sikanii declared. "I have multiple lawyers, not just one. If any event organizer makes the mistake of allowing someone to perform my songs without my consent, I will have both of you arrested, regardless of the amount of money involved. I want you to understand that I know the law."

"While some may perceive these acts as harmless, I consider them to be a significant issue because they could create problems for me," Oseikrom Sikanii shared. "People are already using my name to defraud others online. They are exploiting my reputation for monetary gain, but I have no association with such activities. As a result, my name has been tarnished. Therefore, I require someone to serve as an example to let people know that I am not to be trifled with."


Oseikrom Sikanii's stern warning serves as a clear message to potential impersonators, highlighting his determination to protect his brand and reputation from any fraudulent attempts.


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