His music career took a nose dive after the election partly due to a boycott of his songs by sympathisers of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) after his "Come To NDC" song for the NDC.

Sources with inside knowledge of his ailing music career after his endorsement of the NDC say promises made to him by the party were not forthcoming after the party won the 2008 election.

He pushed for the promises made to him to be redeemed but to no avail, forcing him to released “Nkratuo.”

In Ntratuo, Lucky Mensah sends a message through one ‘Tawiah’ to tell his big brother ‘Atta’ that the economic situation in the country has deteriorated.

Sources say Nkratuo unnerved the NDC, forcing a financier of the party, David Lamptey, owner of radio XYZ, to call him for a meeting.

In the meeting, Lucky Mensah was impressed upon by Mr Lamptey to withdraw ‘Nkratuo’ from the market.

In addition, a four-wheel drive and a promise to complete a house he was putting up, which was at the foundation stage at the time, were made to the musician.

Lucky Mensah did withdraw ‘Nkratuo’ from the market. However, David Lamptey reneged on his promises to the musician after he was told that Lucky Mensah was a member of the NPP.

Associates of the Musician said life became unbearable for him since his career had taken a hit as a result of his association with the NDC and promises made to him were not forthcoming.

Lucky Mensah on Tuesday (Sept. 6) disassociated himself from the National Democratic Congress (NDC) after 8 years of working together.

On Monday (Sept. 5), he released a song, "Yɛresesamu," endorsing the candidature of the flagbearer of the NPP, Nana Akufo-Addo.

He subsequently met with Akufo-Addo on Thursday, September 8 and presented to him a copy of his endorsement song.

After their meeting, Nana Addo shared photos together on his Facebook page with the caption: "Ghanaian highlife musician, Lucky Mensah, visited me at my Nima residence this morning.

“He presented me with a copy of his latest song, "Yɛresesamu", which endorses my candidature ahead of the December election."

In a radio interview Thursday, the highlife singer said the NDC has been ungrateful to him as he has been neglected after it won power.

“I am not asking them to give me money, I am well to do. I have achieved all I have now through music.

"I am only asking them to show appreciation for the work. At a time when almost all the musicians were in the camp of the then ruling NPP, I composed a song for the NDC," he said on Radio Universe.

"I did so out of pity and for them to neglect me makes me feel rejected. You don’t only come to us when you need us for your campaign.

"The party at that time was in opposition and after gaining power, it hasn’t given me the due recognition and respect,” he said.