Ghanaian actress JoselynDumas speaking on how she got into production opened up about how challenging it was for her to play her role in the  movie, ‘Love or something like that’ which she co-produced with talented producer ShirleyFrimpong-Manso.

“I wanted to do a production so I spoke to Shirley and she said she had a script, we can do it together. So she wrote the script and I read it and I thought it was so heavy but then my most challenging role yet, which was Love Or Something Like That. And my character was an emotional wreck and I am quite a happy-go-lucky person so with those roles, I think I am able to sort of play it.  But this one was more like I had to really go inside of myself and sort of find that dark place and stay there throughout the entire production”, she said.

She added that it took a lot of work shooting the movie but she was however glad she did.

The actress did not only find ‘LoveOrSomethingLikeThat’ as a challenging role for her she also described her role in the ‘A Sting In A Tale’ movie as her worst movie ever as according to her nobody remembers her in the movie because she of her poor performance.

“Nobody remembers me in but everybody remembers me in , though I was in it for just five minutes. It was cameo but people remembered me in it. I think I had 15 scenes in A Sting In A Tale but nobody remembers me. From the director’s point of view, it was good but I don’t think I did well. If I had gotten complacent, like today I won’t be getting nomination for the ”, she said.

“I think I wasn’t too serious at the time because at the time television had always been my first time love and movies… So I think that I needed to dedicate more time to the craft and I did that obviously.  I had a lot of help from , Shirley herself and from ”, she added.