Meek Mill says he has no regrets calling out Drake in that nasty Twitter feud on July 21 for not writing his own music. In a new interview with GQ, the 28-year-old rapper refused to back down and apologize for dissing Drake.

"And of course you know Meek Mill never regrets anything," Meek said when asked if he is sorry for calling out Drake.

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Meek's girlfriend, Nicki Minaj however stated that although she's not in support of Meek attacking the Canadian rapper, she can't control what Meek does.

"And that’s the thing people don’t understand. Meek is a grown ass man. I may not agree with everything he says," she said.

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We earlier reported that Meek called out Drake on Twitter on July 21 and said he had used a ghostwriter for his raps: "Stop comparing Drake to me too…. He don’t write his own raps! That’s why he ain’t tweet my album because we found out! The whole game know forreal they scared to tell the truth! I can’t wait tok these guys and sit back and act like they don’t know!" Meek tweeted.

He also said: "Even tho they in different lanes…Dude is all the way outta it lol. He ain’t even write that verse on my album and if I woulda knew I woulda took it off my album….. I don’t trick my fans! Lol."

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In a rambling Instagram comment in August, Meek doesn’t exactly take back anything that he’s said, but he does make it clear that he wants the fighting to stop once and for all.