In a post which was later deleted (but acquired via screenshot), Moesha described Efia Odo as the ‘fakest’ person alive, since she engages in sexual escapades for money but pretends she doesn’t engage in the act for money.

According to Moesha Buodong, Efia Odo has shared the same bed with footballers, famous boys, and even dated a musician which resulted in a pregnancy that she had to later abort.  Moesha claimed despite all these escapades Efia Odo has been having with these guys, she has not been making enough monetary gains from the act. Moesha revealed that Efia Odo earns only GHc 500 and sometimes GHc 1000 from the act.

For Moehsa Buodong, she has been publicly disclosing her source of wealth. Earlier this year, she was in the news for the infamous disclosures she made on CNN.

Below is a screenshot of Moesha’s IG post which contains the wild allegations she made against Efia Odo:

Read Moesha 's Instagram post here: