“Most celebrities are paid $40k to eat poop in Dubai” - Socialite alleges (VIDEO)

US-based Ghanaian socialite Nattyhot has alleged that most Ghanaian and Nigerian celebrities who go on vacation in Dubai and live lavishly after their trips go through horrible experiences in the hands of Dubai rich man.

Nattyhot exposes Ghanaian celebrities

A few months ago, a video of some ‘slay queens’ allegedly eating the poop of Dubai wealthy men in a swimming pool went viral, sparking discussion about the ordeal some celebrities go through to survive.

Reacting to some of these videos, Nattyhot has said the scenes in the viral videos are true and that a lot of celebrities go through this ‘disgusting’ experience to look rich.

She said those who tap into the blessings of some of these celebrities on social media should stop and pray to God to give them good jobs that can sustain their lives.

“Those of you who go onto Ghanaian and Nigerian celebrity and Instagram models (even some musicians in America) pages to tap into their blessings should stop, she said in a video she posted on Instagram on Friday, August 13.


She continued: “Anytime any celebrity posts a new whip, new house, pose in business class and travel to Dubai, then you people comment 'oh, I tap into your blessing, oh God this, oh God that.' Do you know what most of these girls do to get that money and use to buy these whips and say their fans gifted them this or it’s their hard-earned money? That's a f**king lie.”

She said some celebrities are paid up to USD40,000 just to eat poops, adding that their flashy vacation lifestyles are part of the package.

“Most of these guys go to Dubai and the disgusting rich men poop in their mouth and pay them as much as USD30-40,000. They give them. They have agents down there and it's something they do. You will see them boarding business class, snapping pictures in big hotels and all, it's part of the package. So, stop tapping into b*lshit.”

She added: “The only thing you should think of and pray is for God to give you a good job that can sustain your life. These girls are dirty and lazy. They are fake and disgusting. How can you open your mouth and allow another rich man to poop in your mouth? These girls are f**ked up in the head. I almost died watching the videos yesterday.”

Watch the full video below.



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