My ex has beaten me too; Funny Face sorrowfully consoles Medikal

Funny Face has shown empathy towards Medikal regarding his relationship brouhaha with his estranged wife, Fella Makafui.

Funny Face

Previously, the rapper had outlined a series of disturbing incidents that marred his relationship with Fella Makafui, with whom he shares a child.

Medikal detailed numerous claims against his ex-wife, including allegations of assault and property damage. He openly voiced his frustrations, recounting specific instances where he felt both physically and emotionally attacked.

Having experienced a similar journey in his own past relationship, Funny Face extended his sympathy to Medikal, sharing his own harrowing experiences with his ex-partner.


Reflecting on moments of abuse, including being slapped, Funny Face expressed solidarity with Medikal, acknowledging the pain and suffering he must be going through.

In an Instagram post, Funny Face penned a heartfelt message to Medikal, offering support and encouragement during this challenging time.

Funny Face assured Medikal that they would emerge stronger from their respective ordeals, finding comfort in the idea that they could someday transform their hardships into creative expression.

"Stay strong, young king @amgmedikal. Just saw this video of yours, and bro, I have cried for you, and I have cried for myself! A girl held my neck and slapped me twice in front of people in my own house that I built with my ‘fooling money.’ Yet she turned around and said I was the one beating her! She could slap me for fun in my own house, yet I would come on TV and shout 'COW and CHICKEN' like all was well with me. Meanwhile, I was dead and broken inside.


Hmmm, your video made me cry so much this dawn! I wish you well, son. We will survive this and laugh about it someday. You will one day rap about it, and I will also crack jokes with mine. Until then, stay strong, young king. @amgmedikal!!!” he wrote on Instagram.

Medikal’s allegations against Fella Makafui included claims of physical assault and property damage. He detailed incidents where Fella's suspicions led to confrontations that turned violent.

The rapper emphasized that he never retaliated physically and expressed frustration over Fella's refusal to address the rumours that fueled her suspicions.


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