Ghanaian movie star Nadia Buari in a rare move has written about her twin girls.

Yesterday (October 26), Nadia Buari shared a selfie of her with one of her twins on Instagram. In the picture we can’t see the face of her daughter which is not much of a surprise. Nadia Buari has been secretive about the identity of her twins.

Even though she hasn’t revealed their faces yet, the actress wrote lovely words about her twins.

“They know me in a way no one ever has...

They open me to things I never knew existed..

They drive me to insanity and push me to my depths...

They are the beat of my heart..The pulse of my veins…and the energy in my soul..

They are my Kids.”

In September, Nadia Buari commissioned two boreholes in the Eastern region of Ghana.

A few months ago the Ghanaian movie star went shopping for her twins at Toys R Us in America. According to the actress she loves shopping in the store. "My favorite place.....I could totally loose myself in this store" she wrote on Instagram.

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