I don't care if you tag me as an 85-year-old; I know I'm young - McBrown to critics

Nana Ama McBrown has responded to the speculation surrounding her age, particularly in light of remarks made by actress Pascaline Edwards about her own age and career trajectory.

Nana Ama McBrown

Recalling an earlier interview with Pulse Ghana, seasoned actress Pascaline Edwards revealed her age and expressed frustration over being sidelined by local filmmakers who have stopped offering her roles.

"I may look youthful, but they've decided I'm too old. I'm barely 53, soon to be 54, and I still have more energy and freshness than many younger actors. So, I implore the casting directors to consider me," Pascaline earlier remarked.

This revelation led some people to speculate that Nana Ama McBrown might be in the same age bracket as Pascaline.


There has been skepticism about McBrown's insistence that she is still in her forties.

Some suggest that McBrown's long-standing presence in the film industry implies she could be contemporaries with Pascaline.

In response to these claims, Nana Ama McBrown has expressed that she feels no pressure to validate her age to skeptics. She mentioned that people are free to speculate about her age as they wish.

The host of Onua Showtime emphasized that she hadn't even begun acting when Pascaline was already a celebrated name in the industry.


"Pascaline was already making waves with her films like 'A Stab in the Back' when I hadn't made my screen debut. If you want to think of me as an 85-year-old, that's fine by me," she declared on her Onua TV program.

She concluded by saying, "Ultimately, these opinions don't affect me. They don't diminish my bank balance in the slightest."

McBrown concluded by affirming that such opinions have no bearing on her, nor do they affect her financial standing in any way.


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