Actress,  Nikki Samonas has been recently showing off her body and proudly praising herself a lot on social media in recent times, and it is not about to end.

Nikki Samonas is certainly not ashamed of flaunting her sexy body; in a recent interview she came out to say her boobs were trending and now she is saying she is the 'bikini queen' in Ghana.

Though the petite actress does not state what qualities make her bikini queen, she has been professing the new tangline on social media for some time now daring those who care to challenge her.

Early this week, she posted a photo of herself in bikini on instagram with the caption, “Get ready, hands up.... And down... Whoop whoop. Still#BikiniQueen #happinessIsAchoice #swag"

In another bikini posts, she said “see my flat ass…I am staying in my lane. Y’all should stay in your lane too.”