Not every soaring female personality had to sleep with people to excel - MzGee

Ghanaian media personality MzGee has stirred up a conversation about success and integrity, emphasizing that not all successful women had to compromise their values to achieve greatness.


She made this statement in a post that came on the heels of a controversial interview with rapper Medikal, where MzGee faced criticism for her line of questioning.

Addressing the controversy surrounding her interview with Medikal, MzGee defended her approach, stating, "Evidence is the name of the game."

MzGee provided context and clarity, sharing excerpts from the interview to offer insight into her line of questioning.


She maintained that her approach was grounded in professionalism and integrity, emphasizing the importance of asking probing questions in her line of work. She reiterated her belief in the power of hard work and prayer, asserting that she had never resorted to compromising her integrity for success in her career.

"I said there is more, and this is more. I'm super focused on sharing every bit of this conversation, so the discerning ones who couldn't watch live will not be forced to believe falsehood. Evidence is the name of the game.

And oh, so we don't get swayed, not every soaring female personality had to sleep with her boss, her superior, her peers, or even her subordinate to excel or get recognized. I have said this on so many platforms. NEVER have i slept with ANY of my bosses.

Don't rubbish hardwork. Hardwork truly pays. In fact, those who I have worked for or have worked with me can tell that i am a workaholic."


The interview with Medikal had sparked debate, particularly regarding MzGee's inquiry about extending well wishes to Medikal's partner, Fella Makafui.

Critics accused MzGee of diverting attention from Medikal's achievements, such as his successful O2 Indigo concert in London, by focusing on personal matters.

Responding to the backlash, MzGee defended her line of questioning, pointing out the parity in treatment between Medikal and Fella Makafui on her show. She emphasized the importance of reciprocity in such gestures and expressed her commitment to her job despite the criticism.

However, the interview took a contentious turn when Medikal expressed frustration with MzGee's questions, dismissing them as irrelevant to the topic at hand.

An irritated Medikal retorted, "Do you realize what you're asking me? You sound like a marriage counsellor, which isn't the right approach. You called to discuss the concert. It was a success, and I wish everyone well."


"We had a fantastic show, let's focus on that. Today, BBC World featured me, and I'm receiving widespread acclaim. Why are you asking me these questions? I doubt you're still with the first boyfriend you ever dated. Things happen, so let's celebrate the fact that I've represented Ghana internationally instead of dwelling on these questions," Medikal said.

Despite his acclaim and recognition on an international level, Medikal took issue with the direction of the interview, prompting further scrutiny from viewers.


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