Opambour slams Adom Kyei-Duah for saying God sent him replace Jesus' photos

Ghanaian preacher Prophet Ebenezer Adarkwa, popularly known as Opambour, has criticised Prophet Stephen Adom Kyei-Duah, the head pastor of Believers Worship Center, for his controversial claim that his image would be used in place of Jesus Christ in the future.


Opambour argued that no reasonable pastor consecrated and blessed by God would make such a blasphemous statement, which he believes defiles the image of Christ. He rebuked Prophet Adom Kyei-Duah for his inappropriate and disrespectful comments, urging him to have self-respect and refrain from making pronouncements that invite criticism.

Speaking on his Prophet 1 TV, Opambour warned that Prophet Adom Kyei-Duah would face repercussions if he continues with his assertions.

“A person who urinates, brushes his teeth, and bathes to purify himself wants to equate his image with Jesus Christ? Cease that futile discourse. No sane individual would make such a claim and profess to be a servant of God. How can you declare that you are using your visage to represent God? Isn't the person who made such a claim mad?”


He continued, “I do not want to entertain this absurdity. Let no one deceive themselves; this is the work of God. You're replacing your image with Jesus' in 500 years? That's talk of freemasonry,” Opambour said in Twi.

This backlash comes after Prophet Adom Kyei-Duah claimed that he received divine instructions to replace all depictions of Jesus Christ with his face; in a video circulating on social media, the controversial clergyman made this bold claim while addressing his congregation asserted that this action would be followed for the next 500 years.

“Listen to me, for the next 500 years, the images of Jesus you see on calendars and in pictures around. I have been instructed to replace it with my face,” he said. Listen to him in the video below and tell us what you think.


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