Power struggle in Ghana movie industry is killing us - Fred Amugi

Veteran Ghanaian actor Fred Amugi has voiced his frustrations over the ongoing leadership disputes within the Actors Guild of Ghana, which he believes are impeding the growth of the country's film industry.


Amugi expressed his concerns in an interview with Graphic Showbiz on Monday, May 20, 2024, highlighting the detrimental impact of the guild's unresolved leadership issues.

Since the passing of Reverend Eddie Coffie, the President of the Guild, in 2016, elections for new executives have been stalled. This has left the guild without effective leadership to manage the industry's affairs and advocate for the welfare of actors.

"The film industry is like any other business. It has its ups and downs. However, for the past few years, it's been having issues of power struggles and conflicts, especially within the Ghana Actors Guild," Amugi said.


"This has led to a decline in productivity and quality because what’s being produced is not checked. We're lucky to have Akwaaba Magic on DStv, which has provided a platform for our films. They've been supportive and willing to work with us, and the films they show are good. If we keep making good films, we'll benefit from their support," he added.

Amugi noted that the lack of a functioning leadership has slowed the industry's progress, contrasting it with Nigeria's thriving film sector. He pointed out that Nigeria's film industry benefits from opportunities with subscription-based streaming services like Netflix, suggesting that Ghana's industry needs to collaborate more effectively to catch up.

"Unfortunately, Nigeria's film industry is ahead of ours. They have more opportunities with subscription-based streaming services such as Netflix, and we need to work together to catch up," he stated.

Amugi also lamented the lack of collaboration and cooperation within the Ghanaian film industry. He believes that this disunity is preventing the production of high-quality films that could compete on an international level.


"The film industry in Ghana needs unity. Currently, everyone is working alone because they're afraid of being copied. The truth, however, is that no matter how much we know, someone else always knows more. If we work together in unity, we could make great films that showcase our different talents and perspectives," he said.

He concluded that "If we are united, we could even gain enough recognition in prestigious awards such as the Africa Magic Viewer’s Choice Awards (AMVCA)."

Fred Amugi's call for unity and effective leadership within the Actors Guild of Ghana reflects a broader concern for the future of the country's film industry.


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