In a video which has fast gone viral on social media, the actor is seen laughing out loud whilst the Prophetic words were delivered to him. 

Prophet Nigel Gaisie
Prophet Nigel Gaisie

Speaking from the spiritual realm of Prophet Gaisie, he mentioned one “Zack” to Lil Win and asked who is. This the actor replied saying that is his former manager.

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The Prophet continued and added that his manager has spiritually locked up by taking him to juju man who used a padlock to shut his mouth in the spiritual realm so as he doesn’t make any hit song again.

In a new video sighted by, Abdul Razack has reacted to the prophecy, stating that it came to him as a shock because he is innocent of what the man of God said.

Pouring his heart out in the video, he has sworn that, the creator of heaven and should strike him down if it’s true that he has ever taken Lil Win to any juju man.

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“Prophet Nigel Gaisie, if you don’t have eyes, go and look for eyes to prophesy and desist from the deceitful prophecy that you give,” he said in Twi.

Abdul Razack, Lil Win's ex-manager
Abdul Razack, Lil Win's ex-manager

Angry Zack further advised Nigel Gaisie to rather preach about salvation and not talk about celebrities. He has also given him a week to also disclose where exactly he claims that he (Zack) has taken the actor too else he will deal with him.

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Sending a message to Lil win, he said that “go to a proper church and let them preach you about salvation because Nigel Gaisie won’t help you”.

Watch the videos below for Prophet Nigel’s prophecy and Zack’s reply.