Question your children's source wealth to avoid untimely death - Kanayo O Kanayo

Veteran Nollywood actor Kanayo O Kanayo has issued a stern warning to parents, urging them to question the source of their children's wealth to avoid premature deaths.

Kanayo O Kanayo

Speaking at a recent event, the seasoned thespian addressed parents directly, imploring them to take a more proactive approach in monitoring their children's financial activities.

Kanayo O Kanayo highlighted a concerning trend of youth involvement in illicit activities and corruption, expressing dismay that some parents seem oblivious to this issue and readily accept lavish gifts from their children without questioning their legitimacy.

He stressed the importance of parental vigilance in combating social ills and unhealthy practices among the youth.

"Parents!!!! Parents!!!!! Parents!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ask questions before you accept gifts or die young. This is why many parents are dying young. ORIKO," he emphasized.


The actor illustrated scenarios where parents overlook the extravagance of gifts from their children, such as a 20-year-old daughter owning a phone worth N1.5 million yet offering only N100,000 to her parents without any inquiry into the source of her wealth.

Similarly, he warned against turning a blind eye when a non-working son arrives home with significant sums of money or a car.

In the video below, Kanayo O Kanayo underscored the importance of instilling a culture of accountability within families, emphasizing that parental complacency only serves to perpetuate corrupt mindsets in their children.

His impassioned plea resonates with the need for parents to play an active role in guiding their children towards responsible and ethical behaviour, ultimately fostering a healthier society.


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