A member of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC), Stephen Atubiga who was hauled before the Supreme Court for making contemptuous comments during the hearing of the 2012 election petition and getting jailed for it has said Ghanaian rapper Sarkodie is related to New Patriotic Party’s (NPP) flag bearer, Nana Akuffo Addo by blood.

Mr. Atubiga has been chastised by many for taking on a social media site Facebook to accuse Yvonne Nelson and Sarkodie, known in private life as Michael Owusu Addo of doing a hatchet job for Nana Addo. This followed the duos intended May 16 #dumsormuststop vigil to protest against government’s handling of the power crisis in the country.

In response to the hit backs, Mr. Atubiga reiterated that Sarkodie is related to NPP’s flag bearer for which reason the rapper is poised on making the NDC and president John Mahama unpopular. According to him, the "Addo" in the rapper's real name says it all.

Read his Facebook post unedited:

“Are you kidding me? I have nothing personal against sakodie and those actors of their rights . Sakodie is related by blood to nana addo, which most people don't know his last name is Addo. Sakodie should come out openly to declare his endorsement for nana addo , and stop hiding under dumsor to undermined jm . Why vigil? Who is dead ? They are celebrities and any steps or rolls they play in Ghana should not undermine any body or political. I can see them holding a vigil to give moral support to the president for trying to fix dumsor, or telling us to be patriotic while jm fix the dumsor, or vigil to get funding to provide generators for donations. to champion a move for government to give tax breaks or incentives for businesses in Ghana to grow or sustain till dumsor is fixed. That is just a few of how celebrities give back to society during difficult times. What is the motive behind that useless, waste of time vigil just to undermine jm. Sakodie should rethink. They can even do car wash, clean school, or hospitals, donate blood, something meaningful and chip in the dumsor, that is how they should be rolling. I love them all but for the low blow steps , they trying to walk will not help them.They should try to talk to the president or the first lady to know what is going onn . So they can use their various platforms to tell us what is going onn. The vigil is uncall for. I can personally take them any time to see the president or any institution for them to know what is going onn in trying to fix the dumsor. The president is not happy about the dumsor, he is having sleepless nights over this dumsor. They should think of their integrity before they do this dirty job for nana addo. There is still time brother, I love you all.”