Selena Gomez has finally moved on from Justin Bieber and says she is dating again and/or has been on several other dates after the Biebs.

The 23-year-old singer made another appearance on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' on October 9 and revealed that she is dating but can't decide whether she wants to date a Hollywood star or a regular guy.

After Ellen suggested that her BFF, Taylor Swift should help set her up with one of Calvin Harris' friend, Selena started to blush!

"So let’s talk about your boyfriend!” Ellen said after discussing Selena's battle with the lupus disease. Selena starts playing coy and says: “I have a boyfriend?” Eventually Selena comes clean and admits she doesn’t have a boyfriend: “No I don’t but if you have any recommendations.” Then she drops the bombshell we’ve been waiting for: “Ok. Yes, yes, No I’ve been dating it’s very fun. Ish."

So, Selena has finally given us all the perfect response. She really is trying to move on from Bieber! But Ellen asks her: “How do you meet guys? You have to meet people within the business?” Selena jokes that there should be “a service” or “a list” of eligible, single suitors in her industry.

But when Ellen suggests Taylor and Calvin set her up, she gets super candid: “It’s weird because I don’t know if I want someone who’s in the industry. Who’s not. Who kind of gets it. Who doesn’t. I don’t know. It’s weird … This is a very stressful conversation I’m not even thinking about it."

Check out the video below: