The self-acclaimed youngest billionaire in the world passed through Pulse Ghana studio on Thursday, September 19, where he tackled a lot of issues regarding his lifestyle.

Shatta Bandle, during the interview, made a series of revelations which we deem important to share with you.

Below are 10 things we learnt about Shatta Bandle during our recent one-on-one chat with the braggart.

His real name

His legal name is Firdaus Idrissu. He adopted the name ‘Shatta Bandle’ after realising that he had bundles of cash stuck in his bank account. He claims the name ‘Shatta’ means billionaire.

His age

According to him, he is just two-months-old. “My real age is two-months. I was one-month-old last month so this month makes two. That’s why I call myself ‘young rich n*gga’”, he said when quizzed among his real age.

Place of birth

He was born in Karaga – a small town and the capital of Karaga district in the Northern Region of Ghana. He stayed there with his parents for a while before moving to Accra to pursue his dream.

Education background

Shatta Bandle has not received any formal education. He told Pulse Ghana that it was as a result of his struggle to get rich. He doesn’t believe in formal education, however, it’s part of his goal to receive a formal education in the future.

His businesses and source of income

According to Shatta Bandle, he is into oil and gas business – which is a major source of his income. Even though he refused to reveal the names of the companies he deals with, he claims to work with oil companies in Ghana, Nigeria and the United Arab Emirates.

Who are his rich mates?

He claims he is richer than everybody on earth, including renown business magnates, Bill Gates and Aliko Dangote. He hates to be compared to musicians because they can’t even make what he spends per week.

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His net worth, houses, cars, private jets and girlfriends

Shatta Bandle told Pulse Ghana that he can’t calculate his net worth because he has lost track of his savings and streams of income. He said he saves in American, UK and Chinese banks, and can’t calculate his deposits.

He also added that he can’t count the number of houses, cars and private jets he owns. He says he is dating multiple girlfriends and all of them love him.

His monthly earnings?

He says he earns around $80,000 million (don’t ask what this means. I have no idea either). Most of this cash comes from his oil and gas business venture.

His weekly spending?

According to him, he spends nothing less than $30,000 million (don’t ask any question. Move along).

His charges per movie role

He said he is not a comedian but his riches made him. He said he charges huge for movie roles and a cameo appearance in music videos, adding that he can charge up to $2billion for Hollywood feature.

“I like jokes but I’m not a comedian – money made me one. But I am a free person. If you don’t make yourself happy, who will?” he said. “I can charge $2billion for a movie role in Hollywood”.

Watch the full interview with David Mawuli below.