Shatta Wale: The extravagant lifestyle of one of Ghana's richest musicians

In 2017, Forbes Africa released a list of ‘top 10 most bankable artists in Africa’, and guess what? Shatta Wale was missing from the list.

Shatta Wale: The extravagant lifestyle of one of Ghana's rich musicians

“Forgetti” featuring Joint 77, Addi Self, Pope Skinny, Captan and Natty Lee, “Freedom”, “Bullet Proof”, “Umbrella”, “Taking Over” featuring Joint 77, Addi Self and Captan, “Dem Confuse” and “Go Shordy” were among the hits he released that year.

The ridiculous thing about Forbes Africa's list is, that year’s success was just a ripple effect of the previous year (2016). In 2016, he released 100 songs. He got overbooked and played concerts in and outside Ghana.

Shatta Wale has always believed in the popular proverb: "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy". It's been his day-one mantra. That is why he puts in a lot effort in the recording studio and on stage and blows thousands of dollars on parties, clubs, mansions, cars and even on his fans.

The record producer and vocalist is filthy rich and proudly boasts and brags about it. His brags might come across as a disturbance but whichever way you take his brags is none of his business.

He lives an extravagant lifestyle and shows off on social media. He doesn’t hide his ostentatious lifestyle from his fans neither his luxury cars, mansions, dresses, footwears, pieces of jewellery, and what have you.

How he makes his money

The "Dancehall King" hitmaker makes money from wherever money ‘grows’. From selling records, features, stage performances, ambassadorial deals, influencer marketing, investments and anything he finds his hands on, Shatta Wale doesn't let go of a penny. He is the most expensive musician in Ghana when it comes to concert bookings. He has reportedly charged up to GHC700,000 for a single concert.

Mansions, cars and wardrobe

Shatta Wale boasts of four mansions; three in Accra and one in Kumasi. He recently purchased his latest crib at Embassy Gardens which is reportedly worth over GHC1 million. He lives in the one located at Trasacco Estates in Accra. Inside that mansion are a swimming pool, Jacuzzi, bar, recording studio, business office, remote control gate and a garage sheltering his fleet of cars.

Shatta Wale is a fan of luxury transport. For an artiste of his calibre and per the Ghana music industry and economic standard, it’s fair to say Shatta Wale wears the crown in Ghana music when luxury cars are put on a balance. Currently, he owns three Range Rovers, a Mercedes G-Wagon, a Mercedes S-Class, Escalade, Dodge Charger, among other range of vehicles. He recently introduced a brand-new blue Polaris motorbike to his garage. While most of the cars come from his bank accounts, he receives some as gifts from industry players and friends.

His wardrobe is dope. All the latest fashion trends can be found in his wardrobe. From Louis Vuitton to adidas to Chanel to Gucci, he has acquired every latest and trendy wear you can think of. He is a fan of sneakers – though he goes corporate from time to time – and that is why he has Converse, Adidas, Nike, Gucci and what have you on his shoe shelves.

He loves jewellery too. From gold and diamond rings, neckless, bracelets and expensive watches, he has it all. Just last year, when he bought his Escalade, he dropped GHC100,000 on an ice wristwatch – which shows he loves diamonds too.

Chilling galore and shopping spree

Vacation: As we speak, he is on vacation in Miami. He has spent a week there and it seems he isn’t ready to return. He loves to travel. From the UK, Germany, the US to the United Arab Emirates, he doesn’t give a chance when it comes to vacation and leisure.

Clubbing and Partying: He moves from one club to another when he gets the chance. Even during the lockdown in 2020, he was still storming clubs with his crew. He seems to prioritise chilling. It’s either he spends or gets it free. But most of the time, he spends. Because he’s got it. After all, what’s the essence of money, especially when you have it in abundance. A few years ago, he stormed a US club and sprayed dollars on strippers. He does that in Ghana too.

Shopping: A few days ago, the “Ayoo” hitmaker blew the dollar equivalent of GHC40,000 on shopping alone in Miami. He might do more shopping before he returns from that vacation. He shops at every least opportunity. He mostly shops for high-end brands.

Free cash and gifts: He might seem to be an unreasonable spender and might spend on ‘unnecessary things’, but Shatta Wale has a good heart. He gifts cash and other expensive items to friends and fans around him.

In 2017, he gifted his mother, Elsie Evelyn Avemegah a brand new Kia Saloon car as a birthday present, and last year, he gifted his father an expensive gold chain as birthda present.

On Efia Odo’s birthday in 2020, Shatta Wale showered GH¢280,000 on her as a gift. Efia was shocked. In 2019, he gifted two of his loyal fans, Shadrack Amonoo Crabe and Bilal Larry, a car each for supporting him. Just last year, he handed a brand-new Mahindra KUV which he got from Asaase Clash to a fan.


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