"Joselyn Dumas Was Never My Best Friend" - Anita Erskine

Anita has however made it known that there can never be a rift between herself and the actress as they had a good working relationship but they were not really the best of friends.

Award winning TV personality Anita Erskine is one of the talented women in the showbiz industry who puts passion in her job both on and off television and finds pleasure in helping people in the society especially women.

The presenter who took over to host ‘THE ONE SHOW’ on Viasat1 after several episodes which was hosted by Ghanaian actress Jocelyn Dumas and P.Y Addo Boateng was alleged to have had a rift with Joselyn.

“Joselyn and I have a very good working relationship but we were not best friends, and we were not the kind of people who will call each other on the weekends. We have never been. She has never been my best friend and I have never been her best friend.

Explaining why they were not friends she said, “We are not best friends because in life you come into somebody’s life just to do business and after you are done, you walk out. A rift cannot happen first of all, when you are not in charge of my life and I am not in charge of yours. The relationship didn’t state that I make key decisions to affect Joselyn’s life.

“I had a brand and I had to build the band and find the right element to make the brand a huge success. She came in and did justice to the brand which passionately believed in to as well. I respect her for that.

Anita also made it known that as far she was concern is was Joselyn’s personal decision to leave the show and not because she was taken off the show to put her (Anita) there.

She said, “I was told that Joselyn had left to pursue a higher career and it made sense to me. I believed it because Joselyn is a dream chaser. She knows what she wants for herself. She knows what works for her and she knows how to get what she wants when it benefits her. She had matured and was ready for the bigger league”. It is (was) her personal decision to leave as far as I am concern.

When asked what she thinks Joselyn will feel about she hosting the show, she said, “I don’t know. I haven’t called her to find out yet. I feel she is a big woman, a matured woman; she has grown and moved on. I am not sure that I have stopped and pondered on how she feels or how PY feels. I feel that everyone should be able to control the course of his or her life.

Anita however praised Dumas for a good job done on the show and that she was proud of how she made everything turn out completely well.


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