The kids started asking me first; Sister Derby denies LGBTQ indoctrination (VIDEO)

Sister Derby has finally addressed the viral video of herself engaging some North Legon Little Angels School pupils in LGBTQ discussions.

Sister Deborah

The said video came to light after Ningo Prampram MP, Sam George, accused the Ghanaian socialite of indoctrinating his children and other pupils at the school into the LGBTQ community.

In a conversation with Ghanaian YouTuber, Kwadwo Sheldon, she first denied claims that she has a personal vendetta against the Ghanaian lawmaker.

According to Sister Derby: "I don't recall any interaction with him beyond Twitter. I don't hate him. I don't have any negative feelings towards anyone."


Regarding the allegations that she discussed LGBT+ topics with students during her visit to North Legon Little Angels School, Sister Derby denied any intent of indoctrination, stating she's not queer herself and questioned the rationale behind such accusations.

She clarified that she was there for a career day talk and was confronted with unexpected questions about LGBTQ issues from the students.

"I was invited to talk on career day, and there were eight authority figures in the room. So how can I be indoctrinating people? They were asking me questions. They brought up the LGBTQ. I didn't bring it up. They brought it up," she said.

She recounted the incident, explaining that the students raised the topic, not her. She emphasized that she was invited to talk on career day and was in a room with multiple authority figures, refuting claims of indoctrination.


Sister Derby also addressed allegations that she advised a male student to pursue a same-sex relationship, labelling such claims as falsehoods.

"When I got there, they asked me a lot of questions, and I even wondered, when does it get to the career part? And they even asked me about 'Wo Fie.' I looked at the teachers and the other authorities, and everybody was quiet and calm, and then they (the children) started asking me what inspired the song," she told Sheldon.

She concluded by reiterating that the allegations against her were baseless, pointing out that video evidence contradicts the claims made by her detractors. "If I actually said that, why am I sitting comfortably here? Because whatever he said is a lie," she emphasized.

Meanwhile, a bill criminalizing LGBT+ activities has been passed by the parliament house of Ghana and awaits presidential approval.


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