According to the "Mo Mmo No Ose" singer, she believes with the slaps, Cecilia Marfo will change her ways of embarrassing her colleagues. "Slap her if she comes to do what she did," she said.

"Tie her with the mic, force and fight with her. When that is done to her couple of times, she will stop that foolish act," she said in Twi and added that "if it is me Diana Asamoah on stage and she comes to do that, like we will trend together till we reach Kosovo".

In a video seen by, she emphasized that "when that is done to her a number times, if it is madness worrying her, it will escape her" and warned that "but if it's the Holy Spirit leading her then something will happen to you if you slap her".

Diana Asamoah was talking about how Cecilia Marfo at a recent show in Kumasi stormed the stage whilst Joyce Blessing performing, snatched the microphone from her and said "go to back to your husband" under the guise of delivering a prophecy.

"But because it's not the holy spirit but her intention to trend because her career has faded out," Diana Asamoah said and speaking to Cecilia, she said, " you see that your intention to trend, God has turned it against you".

Watch the video below.