The supposed girlfriend called Nana Agrada is rumored to have been dating the actor for some time now.

The two are said to be having some joint business ventures with the fetish priest and has been accused of neglecting his wife who’s based in Europe and paying full attention to his new love.

Akrobetu is also said to be spending most of his free time with Nana Agrada at her home in Weija, a suburb in Accra.

According to Razz Newspaper, a close relative of the actor told them that anytime Akrobetu is in Accra, he resides at Nana Agrada’s house, uses her cars and also hangout with her after working hours.

However when the paper got hold of the actor for a response, he claimed that, there’s nothing passionate going on between him and the fetish priest and that they are just good friend.

“Our Jobs attract fans and some of them are good and benevolent. I see nothing wrong with a friend fan or lover buying me gift, I will not like to comment on the issue, whoever gave you the story should be the best person to explain to you in details” he said.

The informant added that Nana Agrada is married and the husband, who’s based in America, is not happy with the so called friendship between his wife and the actor and is said to have warned her over their closeness.

Nana Agrada, however, could not be reached to react to the ensuing story of the said gift and relationship with the popular actor.