Stephanie Benson, Efia Odo and Sister Derby grill Berla Mundi over 'poor rape interview'

Stephanie Benson, Efia Odo and Sister Derby have expressed their disappointment in how Berla Mundi interviewed with a rape victim who shared her story.

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The victim, Hannah Mawusi Fiamevor, narrated she was raped at age 16 by a thick tall police officer. However, during the interview, her manner of narration attracted laughter and giggles from the audience, a scene Stephanie Benson is speaking against.


Taking to Twitter, she wrote "A Girl talking about a violent Rape like a comedy show. An Emotionless Presenter Responding to Rape Victim like they re talking about a Bad Film. If that wasn't bad enough a fucking laughing Audience. What the Hell is wrong with society. God Forgive Us."

Her comment has seen a reply from Efia Odo who added that "The host of the show couldn’t take a few seconds to speak to the audience and tell them that this is no laughing matter? Goes to show how we Africans don’t take rape serious".

Sister Derby, who once had a clash with Berla Mundi on social media also added her opinion, saying that "Someone who insisted on making a whole interview with me on live television about me being against another woman, instead of exposing the guilt of a man in question, when I was only there to promote my EP. I’m sure she was even tempted to ask what the girl was wearing".

The said interview happened over the weekend on Berla Mundi's 'The Day Show' aired on TV3. The host is yet to respond to these comments, however, you can watch an excerpt of the said the interviewer below.


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