Stop asking women what they bring to the table; Steve Harvey tells men in viral video

American TV personality Steve Harvey has advised men looking to be in a long-term relationship to stop asking their women what they bring to the table.

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According to him, it’s wrong for this young generation of men to ask women what they bring to the table.

“A woman can make another you, it’s our job to take care of a woman and some children,” he said.

Speaking in an interview with Black Millionaires, Steve said it is the responsibility of men to take care of women and not the other way around.

"That is what is wrong with this generation today, the young boys today, what does she bring to the table? What the hell do you mean man? What does your ass bring to the table? You got a woman that can come to the table that can make another you, what else that she need to slide up to the table with? What about your job? What happened to men that were supposed to be responsible? Do you know it is our (Men) to take care of women, children, and our family? That is our damn job" he said.


Harvey is part of a broader conversation about gender equality and the role of women in relationships and society as a whole.

Many people argue that women should not be judged solely on their ability to contribute financially or in other material ways, but rather on their character, values, and other intangible qualities that make them valuable partners.

Overall, Harvey's advice encourages men to shift their thinking and approach to relationships and focus on building meaningful connections with women based on mutual respect, understanding, and shared values, rather than on traditional gender roles or expectations.


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