That's maximum disrespect; Kuami Eugene tears into lookalike over performance (WATCH)

Unhappy Kuami Eugene is lambasting the celebrity doppelgangers who are performing at shows as the musicians they look like.

Kuami Eugene

According to the Lynx Entertainment signee, the act of the lookalikes performing any artiste's song at shows is the maximum form of disrespect.

Speaking in an interview on Mx24 TV, he said "people have tried to look like Micheal Jackson and Elvis Presley for years and still do, but I never saw one of them going on stage to perform, that is like the maximum disrespect".

It is another story when you love the person and want to represent the person on social media, it’s all good, but when it gets to this level it becomes too much,” he added.

Kuame Eugene said in the past, he did not have issues and even stopped “his people” from taking action when they initially expressed their dislike.


He explained that he felt his lookalike was “having fun, not playing any shows, he’s not doing so much and he is just showing love to Kuame Eugene, just let him express himself.”

Kuami Eugene adds that although the lookalikes may be enjoying the attention, such fame is short-lived.

Sending a message to the lookalikes, he said “People don’t really like what is going on. Calm down, whatever fun you are getting, whatever enjoyment you get, calm down. Try and put a stop to it, because it will probably not end well.”

In the video below, Kuami Eugene concluded that he may not take action but other people will.


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