Things are hard but Ghanaians are not helping to make it better - Kalybos

Kalybos has voiced his opinion that Ghanaians are contributing to the current hardships in the country.

Kalybos confesses about helping fraudsters.

While acknowledging global difficulties, the Ghanaian actor who campaigned for Nana Addo and NPP, emphasized that in Ghana, business practices are making life challenging for citizens.

During an interview on TV3, Kalybos expressed his concerns about the current economic situation in Ghana.

He said, "Talking about the economy now, it’s crazy how things are going. This is not the Ghana we know." He pointed out the difficulties citizens face due to inflation and the overall economic challenges.


Kalybos highlighted the impact of inflation on basic goods, citing an example of a drink he used to buy for GHc15, which has now surged to $35 in a short period.

He conveyed his dissatisfaction with the situation, stating, "We all know there is hardship and inflation is crazy, but how can normal citizens be complaining about this and be aiding to make the economy hard?"

In his view, individuals are not helping the economy due to their pursuit of personal, selfish gains when he added that "we are also not helping the economy much with our individual personal selfish gains."

The actor suggested that citizens need to be mindful of their actions and consider the collective impact on the economy


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