Some days ago, a report was published by some online portals that a Newscaster with a popular Ghanaian TV Station, whom the letter “N” features in her name, is pregnant and none of her suitors is taking responsibility for the pregnancy.

According to the viral report, the said newscaster also had a sexual affair with a popular Ghanaian politician, whom her family, are forcing him to take responsibility of the pregnancy, with an agreement that he foots her bill to deliver abroad and sponsor her fashion business.

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Amidst the whirling rumour, news of Natalie Fort, being granted a one year leave from TV3 without pay, surfaced online, forcing gossips to link her to the report of the promiscuous newscaster, whose name features an “N”.

Natalie Fort

To thwart these speculations, Natalie, has issued a Press Statement to explain the reason behind her decision to go on a year leave without pay. In the statement, the newscaster disclosed that she needed the break to get married and also further her education.

Read her full statement below, in which she also threatened legal action against couriers of the reports alleging pregnancy.

Natalie Fort's Press Statement