The actor cum comedian was attacked while on set and was also reportedly stopped from filming.

In a video that has gone viral, the said policeman is seen manhandling Funny Face despite jeers from onlookers.

Funny Face’s latest TV series ‘Kasoa Trotro’ is centred on educating the general public on sanitation and road safety issues.

In a Twitter post, the actor wrote: “God bless all good police men and women….When we are doin our best to Educate Ghanaians on sanitation and road safety through my new tv series #KasoaTrotro…...for no reason dis police u see in da video.....says he wants to yawa me ooo hmmm.”

In a separate post, he threatened to sue the said police officer for assault and public embarrassment.

“There are laws in Ghana .. Nobody is above da law .. .. just heard u follow me on social media too .. nice one .. so now I know all is abt u getting da hype ryt ? Kool ... I will sue u for assault ..if it was me .. who manhadled u , like by dis time .. am in jail !!”

Watch the video of the incident below: