Wanlov who does not hold back on commenting on some social issues, said in an interview with Giovani Caleb on The Late Night Celebrity Show on ETV, that homosexuals are the least of Ghana's problems

He said. "... people being gay in Ghana is the least of our concerns. They make it seem as if gay people are doing harm to the country but there are more important things for us to do and talk about. Gays are more passionate and efficient with the work they do".

He added, "There are certain qualities about them which are very nice, some are successful in their own right. There are far much important issues for us to be concerned about rather than concentrating on some people who have decided to be gay. We are just transferring our anger on them because we are suffering in the country".

He also talked about 'Fokn Bois' splitting up. "Mensa is doing his album called 'Red Red' and he is doing it with Elo. Elo is a musician and a producer, and so they are working on this project together. It is an amazing project featuring Sarkodie and some other artists and maybe me. He is working on his solo project and am also doing my solo project called Red Card - 233, that is what is happening and people have taken it as a split. These are individual projects; we have done this several times in the past. Mensa and I are still together so I don't know why people are saying this,” he explained.