Indications show the song has been deleted because its instrumentals sound just as the Master KG's 'Jerusalema' hit track, however, Wendy Shay disagrees with this and blamed Ghanaians for reporting the song to YouTube.

"This is the Country we are living in ooo ...I will fight for my right because Pray for the World has a different chord progression from Jerusalema. SHAYGANG don’t worry my lawyers are dealing with YouTube," she wrote to a tweet shared by MOG who produced the song.

Further taking to Twitter to register her displeasure about the development, the 'Shay On You' singer highlighted how people have always been against her but she has been defying all the odds to be where she is now.

" 2018 WS won’t last even a month in the game 2019 WS is very ugly and not talented 2020 WS will die 2021 WS is on drugs n depressed, They can’t stand the heat so dem dey report my song give YouTube But thank God I’m still the Queen of Ghana Music Ghana Stand up !!" she tweeted.

Wendy Shay and Delay
Wendy Shay and Delay

Wendy Shay has been in the news for the past days after Delay disclosed that she unfollowed her on Instagram after in 2020 on her show she said "my sister Wendy Shay, we come from the same hometown and we have a chat once a while but in recent times, I have notice that her dressing has changed. She now has a lot of piercings. This is my personal observation, I see it that she is going through something".

According to her, her comments apparently was taken sour by Wendy Shay, hence, she unfollowed her. However, the singer replied saying that it was Delay who unfollowed her first. She added that if Delay claims they are sisters, she should have personally reached her than talking about her on TV in that manner.