The actress’ photo came with a message of her ladies what they will if she snatches their man. “I’ll snatch your man, what you gone do?” she captioned the post.

Yaa Jackson has been nursing a musical career and that has seen some fans nicknamed her as “Kumasi Rihanna”. 

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However, with this new bikini shot, she has brought out the 'Naomi Campbell' in her as she’s showing fans that she has the body to be a bikini model as well.

See her post below with some comments that came with it as seen by

@lynxia_owusu: The caption no Dey hiaaa nice pic tho

@prinda14: What exactly do you want honey ? You are too young and got a brighter future don’t start this dear.

@dorkumiupac: "This is madness"

@hggodess_bhimpress: "Snatching a man is easy do bigger things like creating ur own man"

@nii_amarh_icing: "If eno b Kumasi lyk wer u go commot 4rm"

@goodlife4everx: "Ghanafuobi ne Gyimiiiii... what’s wrong with her caption? You guys take everything on social media so serious like if 3ye sickness or Gyimiiii idk mpo. nkwasiafuo your parents probably can’t even afford a meal for you or themselves mpo. Instead of you to worry about your poor family u dey here insulting somebody. Gyimiii nkoaaa"

@milc_bilc_: "Lol I’m sure the Dad studied Comedy in School so the whole family is full of Senseless comedians .. so my fellow Ghanaians let’s give them the benefit of doubt pls. stupidity is the DNA 🧬 she can’t quit so pls let help her fool around"