You are a scammer - DKB and Akuapem Poloo's manager 'fight' over cash donation (VIDEO)

DKB has responded to comments by Akuapem Poloo's manager who asked him to raise raising funds for the jailed actress.

Comedian DKB and Akuapem Poloo's manager Divine Jones

According to Divine Jones who says she is the actress' manager, the Ghanaian comedian didn't inform Akuapem Poloo's management before proceeding to raise funds in her name, a comment which DKB says defames him, so he will sue him.

"You should be able to consult Poloo’s management or you should be able to consult Poloo’s legal counsel, you can’t just go out there to start getting donations, for which purpose are you getting the donations? Is it for the child? Is it for the mother?" Divine Jones quizzed.

In an interview granted to TV3, he also noted that “for me, I understand how people are sympathizing with her, how everybody is trying to cope, some people are really coping, others are just pretending, others are all hypocrites, but my point is that, I think whatever donation that is going on is wrong.

In a reply shared on his Instagram page, DKB has descended on Mr Divine Jones, describing him as an errands boy to Akuapem Poloo and disclosed that he doesn't have any official contract with Akuapem Poloo that makes him her manager.

"You want to disgrace me, I haven't sought management's position, do you have a binding contract? No, it makes you a fraudster, you are an imposter to a large extent you are a scammer because you saying you are what you are not," DKB said.

The comedian once again seized the moment to confirm that all the details on the flyer designed to raise funds for Akuapem Poloo's family were given to him by the actress herself who never mentioned anything about her management.

According to DKB, Mr Jones has soiled his reputation and he is going to drag him to court for defamation. "for disgracing me for everyone to be seeing this publication going round, I'll charge you for it," he said.

in the video below, he continued that " I'll file a case nicely, defamation, undermining my integrity and demeaning my personal dignity and causing me public shame, you are not a manager, imposter, right now it's law era, I'll let the laws deal with you".


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