The popular actor married Bettie Jenifer in October last year, but lost her to the cold hands of death a few months later.

Bettie, 44, was fatally shot in the head in the parking lot of her Maryland office in May 2018.

Police described the suspect as “a black male with a thin build and black hair, wearing a dark shirt and pants.”

Chris Attoh and his late wife, Bettie Jenifer

Chris Attoh has been rather conserved since the murder of his wife, but he has now broken his silence.

The actor took to Instagram to post an emotional message, accompanied by his photo depicting a sad face.

“We learn a lot from our places of discomfort, the only way for a baby to come out of the womb is through it. I guess in [l]ife, you cannot protect yourself from sadness, without protecting yourself from happiness. It’s easier to stay open and trust God.🎁 @Niidjarbeng_lightville,” he wrote.

Meanwhile, the Maryland Police are still on a manhunt for the persons behind Bettie’s murder.