'You sold her car' - Fella Makafui's brother angrily descends on Medikal (VIDEO)

In a widely circulated video, Richard, identified as Fella Makafui's elder brother, has taken to social media to counter several allegations made by rapper Medikal.

Fella Makafui

Asserting that their family's silence does not imply ignorance, Richard launched a series of accusations against Medikal, challenging his portrayal of wealth and success.

Richard alleged that Fella has been a significant financial support in Medikal's career, funding his music videos and providing other assistance. "Did you not sell Fella's car to finance your Range Rover purchase? Your boasts of numerous cars and properties are unfounded," he exclaimed in the viral video.

He added, "You claim you have so many cars, you have so many buildings, you have about seven buildings and so on, but these are untrue. Descend from your high horses."


Richard also revealed instances where Fella facilitated Medikal's endeavours, such as renting a house for his music video shoots, including the 'La Hustle' video.

"What has Fella ever not done for you? The house in which you recorded one of your videos, I mean the 'La Hustle' video, wasn't it Fella who rented it for you? You are very proud and arrogant. Always walking with your shoulders high like a peacock," he fumed.

Addressing the circumstances of their breakup, Richard refuted Medikal's narrative, asserting that Fella initiated the split. He criticized Medikal for squandering Fella's hard-earned money on frivolous expenses, highlighting instances in that regard.

"You act like you were the one who initiated the breakup, but it was Fella who did. A married man leaves home for more than three months and doesn't come home. When you finally return, you carry the money she made from her sweat and run away with it. Or when you want money for a video shoot, you come and beg her for money.


"You've been talking anyhow. She spends over GHC7,000 on grocery shopping only for you to squander it with your hungry friends in a short time," he established.

Richard warned Medikal against underestimating Fella's support system, emphasizing that their family stands ready to defend her reputation against baseless accusations. "The family of Fella can decide to keep quiet over everything, but that doesn't mean we don't have teeth to bite.

"Also, Fella can choose not to talk to show how mature she can be, but that doesn't mean you will go to radio station after radio station to misbehave. Don't ever think she has nobody to defend her. Fella has a family, a great one of course. Do you really know Fella? Do you know her story? She is from a well-to-do home," he retorted.


He also cautioned Medikal against involving their mother in their disputes, responding to claims made by the rapper about Fella's mother invading their privacy. "Don't drag our mother into your mess," Richard admonished, concluding his response to Medikal's allegations.


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