Your style coaching couldn’t save your marriage - Delay punches Ms Nancy (WATCH)

Ghanaian television personality Ms Nancy received a heavy punch on her face when she appeared on the latest episode of The Delay Show.

I’m still unmarried because of your lies,gossips – Delay tells Ghanaians

In the trailer, Ms Nancy, who is a divorcee, described herself as a style coach and went deep to explain what entails in the profession.

“It's style coaching,” she said when asked about the job description of her profession. "Styling isn't only about how good one looks. You may dress well and look good but you will not be accorded the respect and honour you deserve if you don't know how to talk.”

“Therefore, style coaching means your good dresses and footwear aren’t the only important things but your attitude towards work – which we call personal branding – is also part. So, when we look at Delay's profession, we will have to complement her with an appearance that will attract love from Ghanaians,” she added.


But Delay hit her, saying: “You dress and groom people, but grooming couldn't save your marriage.”

Watch the short trailer below.


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