The “Weather" singer in a tweet claimed that Ghanaians are not making 'noise' about her latest song titled "Street" but would be a different case if it were a diss song.

Reacting to this, Asamoah-Baidoo highlighted four reasons why Ghanaians aren't making 'noise' about her new music.

According to him, she is not gaining traction for her new song because she focused on physical fight instead of diss songs; doesn’t understand music business; lost neutral and core fan base; and lost her street credibility.

He wrote on Facebook: “We no dey make noise cos you should have channelled that frustration into making another diss song instead of wanting to make it physical!

We no dey make noise cos clearly, you show say you no dey understand the music business. Your mind querrr!

We no dey make noise, cos you lost some neutrals and some core fans too!

We no make noise cos you lost some street credibility!”