Celebrity mom, Yvonne Nelson says just the name marriage is too scary for her but she wants her baby girl to have a father figure in her life.

In an exclusive interview with Wow magazine, the award-winning actress revealed that “marriage is too scary but of course I would love to have my child to have a dad around. We would have the ideal family setting”.


When asked about having a baby before marriage, the 32-year-old said“I believe if  I say that, people might say I am not setting a good example, but I think society is just too hard on most of us".

The fact is she adds, “it's good to get married, it’s the right thing to do, but then again if you are a woman and you think you are getting to a certain age and you want to have kids and you meet a responsible guy who hasn’t proposed but wants to do the same thing, it depends on you and him.

You can go ahead and do it if you think the guy is right and responsible and makes you happy, why not? Marriage nowadays is just a ceremony and a huge wedding. The whole marriage thing, that name is just so scary”.

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Yvonne Nelson gave birth to a baby girl at a health facility in Accra on Sunday, October 29, 2017.