Zion Felix breaks silence on new baby saga with ex-girlfriend Minalyn Touch (WATCH)

Zion Felix, the Ghanaian blogger has finally reacted to reports about his broken relationship with Minalyn Touch and other matters arising.

Zion Felix and Mina Lawani

Whilst commenting on the saga that came with speculations that he (Zionfelix) has welcomed another baby with Minalyn, the blogger trashed the rumour. He called out the YouTuber who first speculated the rumour.


“On the very day, we were playing the 2022 FIFA World Cup finals in Qatar. I was in Germany, and rumours were flying around that Mina and I had given birth," Zion recounted.

He detailed that "there is this YouTuber who was making the allegations as though he was present when Mina was giving birth. He was saying that he had all the sources to confirm the claims".

Addressing the rumour in a YouTube post, he continued that "the person only used videos from my recent shopping spree and said because I was buying male stuff, I had given birth to a new baby boy. How can someone call himself a journalist and do this?

Explaining himself, he said "there is this guy called Paulino, he is my very good friend, and I love him so much. His wife was pregnant when I left Ghana. He sent me a message while I was away to say that his wife had given birth to a baby boy. He is my friend, and there is no way I would leave here without buying anything for his baby. So I gave birth and I wasn’t aware? How on earth will Mina give birth and I won’t be aware?

Hear more form him in the video below.


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