Let’s teach foreigners our rich culture - Maame Dokono

We need to do our home works well. Go to our hometowns speak to our grandparents let them teach us our tradition - Maame Dokono

Maame Dokono real name Grace Omaboe

Maame Dokono as she is popularly known in an exclusive interview with Pulse Ghana’s Portia Arthur revealed that she was highly privileged when she was called to play the role of a mother who goes against all odds to teach her son, Adjetey Anang to follow the footsteps of their family lineage and culture

'My Very Ghanaian Weddin' is a romantic comedy movie that talks about the relevance of the Ghanaian culture and how it shapes the lives of people.

Speaking on how the movie depicts the Ghanaian way of life, Grace Omaboe says:

"Let us rather teach these foreigners our way of life. And let's stop copying from them. In Ghana, we respect our elders.

"That's actually one of my lines in the movie when the white girl was forcing herself on my son, whilst my son has a black beautiful Ghanaian out of my endorsement.

"I love this film and the role I played. It's just so real that I can't stop talking about us going back to our roots and learn our way of life as far as marriage is concerned. Divorce will be a thing of the past".

The actress famous for “Obra” TV Series, also called various stakeholders in the movie industry; movie producers and script writers to focus on promoting the Ghanaian culture their movies.

"Our audiovisuals are one major means where we can merge culture with modernity," Maame Dokono continues.

"Let us wake up and produce content that shows our nature as Ghanaians. Let us tell stories of our very lives. So that when our children watch TV, they learn from us. Let us stop all these foreign telenovelas they are not helping us in any way. Now, we take 'obroni' films and translate them into twi! What? Telling us that we want to be like them?".

Grace Omaboe quizzed why some couples spend all their life saving to organize lavish weddings after a perfect classy and traditional wedding with family and close friends.

"Culture and tradition are very relevant. At times I ask myself do we need to do the white wedding? All dressed up like the whites? Can't we do it in our traditional outfits? Those days before you get married, your parents need to do an investigation on the family you are going. They establish good relationships with each other before you go in. These days, these children don't have patience. They just jump into it any how they want. We need to do our home works well. Go to our hometowns speak to our grandparents let them teach us our tradition. Else before we wake up one day, our children will be married before we know it".

My Very Ghanaian Wedding features Vincent McCauley, Adjetey Anang, Grace Omaboe, Elaine Attoh, Sitsofe Tsikor, Ludwig Kalms, Dzifa Glikpoe and other well-known faces in the Ghana Movie Industry.

‘My Very Ghanaian Wedding’ will be premiered at Silver Bird Cinemas (Accra Mall and West Hills Mall) on Friday, October 6, 2017, at 7 pm and 9 pm respectively for GHC 30.


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