'BBTitans': 2 housemates break one of Big Brother's greatest rules

Drama ensued as two housemates fought.


Two housemates, Khosi and Jenni O, broke a Big Brother rule as they fought dirty last night.

Following the eviction nomination process, which saw seven housemates up for possible eviction, the housemates engaged in an almost physical and verbal altercation that caused all the housemates to interfere.

In the video making the rounds on the internet, an enraged Khosi was seen trying her best to get away from a load of people holding her back and get a piece of Jenni O.

While Jenni O was also ready to pounce on Khosi as she also struggled to get to her.


Thankfully, the other housemates were able to interfere and prevent them from engaging in a physical fight that could have led to an eviction based on disqualification.

Speaking about how he felt about the issue, the newly-installed Head of House said that he was disappointed at the development and warned that it shouldn't repeat itself.


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