'BBTitans': All the love triangles, circles, and situationships in Big Brother's house

Alexa, play me 'RTID' by Kizz Daniel..."Love is in the air; wear face mask."

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29 days into this Ziyakhala Wahala edition of BBTitans, and the house is buzzing with relationships, situationships, and undefined ships.

Let's take a look at some of the love triangles and trapeziums we have in the house:

Some couples like Kanaga Jnr. and Tsatsii, as well as Ipeleng and Lukay, have successfully won the audience on their side with their sort-of-defined relationship, but it is not the definite state of the relationship that has gotten the audience rooting for them; it is the exclusivity that came with it.


Even though Lukay was evicted, he showed confidence in what he had with Ipeleng and mentioned that he hoped it would continue after the show. We hope so too.

Juicy Jay and Yvonne have gotten close and have also won the audience over to their side. Juicy Jay vowed to Yvonne that if she gave him her heart, she would be the only girl in the world for him.

Unlike the above-named couples, who have made things simple for us, these guys have complicated the relationship fandom.

Khosi and Yemi’s relationship has been on-and-off. The duo undeniably were the first set to show any form of emotional connection, which kicked off from the moment they entered the house, even to them sharing the first kiss in the house, but we can't root for the relationship anymore.


The relationship headed down a rocky path when Biggie pulled a twist and introduced four new housemates early in the game. Enters Blue Aiva, the South African beauty who made Yemi's head turn away from Khosi, turning their little romantic setup into a triad of complications.

Almost immediately, Yemi and Blue Aiva hit it off, recording their first kiss and talking about their sexual escapades, leaving the audience asking, "What will happen to Khosi?" Blue Aiva and Yemi appear to have left Khosi hanging.

Yesterday, Khosi gave Yemi a deadline of 5 hours to make a decision about who he wants to be with.

We can't wait to find out who the main and side chicks will be.


Khosi is not a saint herself, as she got herself tangled with Miracle, one of the twists Biggie pulled.

The drama almost led to a fight between Yemi and Miracle.

Miracle's OP has been insisting that Yemi is not the right guy for Khosi, but she has been playing hard to get and giving the impression that she is not really into Yemi. We all know how true that is.

While there may be other relationships forming and attractions in the house, like Marvin being on Blue Aiva's case or the big question mark hanging over Khosi and Thabang's union, there needs to be more than just gazes and plain conversations to be noticed.


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