These are the best 10 Ghanaian love movies ever, which one is your fave?

As a hopeless romantic, these best 10 Ghanaian love movies are my all time movie playlist. Fusing a twist of our Ghanaian values on love with the willful composure of the characters sparks life unto our screens. Watch them and thank me later!

People love movies for different reasons, some would want to escape reality through the plot of a good movie. A friend I know would prefer watching a movie to reading a book. But what is better than to NetFlix and chill after a stressful day at work?

These are the best 10 Ghanaian love movies ever, which one is your fav?

Love Brewed In The African Pot

This 1980’s Ghanaian movie has more than earned it place at the best Ghanaian love movies ever. The classical film generated much popularity especially in all English-speaking African countries. The love story between Joe Quansah and Aba Appiah reveals great African values and custom.

Kukurantumi – Road To Accra

This twisting love tale is definitely a must watch. Directed by King Ampaw, the lead character promises his daughter to a rich merchant in return for money. But things take an interesting turn when she runs away with her lover to Accra. One of the best movies in 1983, it has earned a place on the list of best Ghanaian love movies.

The Love of AA

The first episode of the good old days, the love of AA, is a hilarious comedy filled with the nostalgia of childhood love. This list would have been a joke without it featuring as one of the best Ghanaian love movies ever.

Devil In The Detail

Can love withstand infidelity? Especially when it involves married couples? Sparrow Productions outdid themselves with the love thriller released in 2014. Featuring Adjetey Anang and Nse Etim, the Devil in the Detail is absolutely one of the top Ghanaian love movies ever.

A Northern Affair

Though quite recent, this film addresses the complications of love in the workplace. A Northern Affair is about a love story between a doctor and a nurse. And all that they had to overcome when their secret is revealed. Released in 2014 and directed by Leila Djansi, A Northern Affair is a Ghanaian love movie we will never forget.

Silver Rain

How wrong can love be? Very wrong as Silver Rain tells of the story of impossible love between a kayaye and an heir to an empire. Be awestruck as this tale of politically incorrect love is woven into the very fiber of consciousness. This Ghanaian love movies is definitely a must watch!

Obsession of Love

Things take an interesting turn when Grandma has to step in to save her granddaughters heart. Obsession of Love is a Ghanaian love movie which sets your heart into blissfulness.


Rain tells of the tale of social barriers as determinants of love. An intriguing tale of a rich girl and poor boy caught in the web of love. Watch Rain, one of the best Ghanaian love movies ever, and learn the dynamics of love.

No Time To Die

This movie takes us through a tale of when two unsuspecting strangers find love in the midst of death. No Time To Die portrays our love for funerals as per our customs demands. Watch one of the best Ghanaian love movies ever and see tears turn into laughter.


How ordinary Rebecca became Cinderella, is through the magic of love. As one of our best Ghanaian love movies, Rebecca portrays an interesting turn for arraigned marriages.


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